Men STILL making decisions for women and it’s 2016

For the last few years there has been an on-going fight between anti-choice and pro-choice supporters on whether or not abortion should be legal. Though there were a few victories for the pro-choicers, it’s getting tougher and tougher for women to get abortions. In 2013 the TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Provider) laws were put into place and 27 states implemented them which indefinitely made it harder for women to abort. One of the TRAP laws in Texas requires that abortions are performed in facilities that “meet surgical center standards, including specifics on room and doorway sizes, staffing and anesthesia”, among many other things. It costs millions for hospitals to meet these standards.  Whole Woman’s Health and Planned Parenthood of Texas have said that before the laws were in place there were 42 clinics that provided abortions and now the state only has 19. Those in Texas that support the TRAP laws (mostly white men) claim that the laws were put in place “to protect women’s health”. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Medical Association say that the Texas laws “do not serve the health of women in Texas but instead jeopardizes women’s health by restricting access to abortion providers.”

With these laws in place, it has led more women to try to end their pregnancy on their own. It’s estimated that between 100,000 and 240,000 women of ages 18 to 49 in Texas have tried to self-induce abortion since the law went into effect in 2013, using such methods as herbs, teas and medications obtained in Mexico without prescription. Now I ask, isn’t the point of abortion laws to “save lives”? If these laws are hurting women by them having to use harmful methods to self-abort, wouldn’t that be putting human lives in danger? Most of the pro-life/anti-choice supporters are men who have no idea what it’s like to be a woman; it’s strange to me that they think they should get a say in a woman’s private life. It’s also weird to me that the same people that support the U.S. in having a big army that’s able/willing to kill thousands of people are the ones who supposedly “value” human life. To me, it seems that abortion laws are more about men wanting to control women’s rights rather than to save human lives.

I just want to say I understand that there are women who are pro-life/anti-choice but I don’t believe they think that way on their own (although they might). I think women oppress women because it’s been in our culture for hundreds of years and that’s what we’re use to. But that’s a whole different story.



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