Growing fetishism toward biracial children

Unlike 50 years ago today’s relationships are not commonly found right in your own neighborhood. Many find themselves pursuing relationships with people from different countries, people whose racial identity may not be the same as one’s own. And as people come to form companionships often children are made in the process; children that now can be identified as biracial or even multiracial. As wonderful a thing as this is people have managed to ruin a good situation encompassing a fetishization around ‘mixed children’.

As a biracial child I am fully supportive of the relationships between people of different backgrounds and racial identities. However, it has become a popular trend to not only put these types of relationships on pedestals but also to give a biracial baby a check list of almost required features. Now… yes certain babies make people fawn and others suck their teeth but putting white features on a somewhat tan body with curly hair is not the only output from a multiracial relationship. Many times children come out looking more like one parent than the other, as does this happen in uni-racial relationships as well. Or similarly a child may not look like either of the parents since… shocker, this child is an entirely new creature. It is not a clone, it is not a color mixed with dark brown and white to create this beige-ish color. Its a baby.

Not only this but being biracial is not a new politically correct term for the racial slur mulatto. It is not just black and white. It encompasses all races who decide to date and repopulate with people of other races. Whether they both be minorities or not. One of your parents does not need to white for you to be biracial/ multiracial, nor is one parent required to be black. Dating outside of your own race is a wonderful thing and i do encourage yourself to discover all types of people from all parts of the world. But do not do so with the purpose of making ‘pretty’ children. Its gross, and frankly is quite unsettling. Bragging about how your child is adorable is a completely different thing from bragging about how adorable your planned unborn/ unfertilized child is.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.29.23 AM

To act upon a fetish toward children is something punishable by law, yet people are continually feeding the fire by searching for partners outside of their own race in order to create this biracial/ multiracial baby. Stop raving how black men belong with white women or telling black women how excited you are for them that they will have a beautiful kid because their husband is white. Stop telling latino’s to date outside of their race for the sole purpose of procreation. Stop the fetishism. 

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 12.29.11 AM


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