Has Technology really been beneficial to society?

My perspectives on technology for the most part have always been positive. After reading a few articles a while back on how technology has lead to the death of empathy I began to see clearly how technology can be very detrimental at times.  Social media has become a huge attribute to the misuse of technology. We are living in the digital age where the internet is becoming almost inescapable. Everything is involving the web or higher forms of technology in all divisions of life. Like personal development, education, careers, religion, and greatly seen in holmes. Everything is on social media, and it has become a center point for news, connection and communication. The recent advances in technology have been very beneficial, socially in society due to its new forms of connectivity and convenience, but technology has been increasingly detrimental to the human race because as a nation we are becoming less personable and are collectively lacking empathy for one another. Andrew Lam writes about in his article I tweet, Therefore I am, instances where a tragic event was occurring and the immediate reaction for the observer was to take out their phone and record the event. For example he uses the situation when Bill Nye the Science Guy fainted on stage, and students attending the lecture instead of rushing to help took out their phones recorded, took pictures, and posted to social media. Lam claims that, “Perhaps the most troubling consequence of devoting so much attention, to the virtual world is the death of empathy.”(Andrew Lam)

 Writers such as Andrew Lam and  Sherry Turkle have used Digital Anthropology which is the study of the relationship between humanity and technology have been really instrumental in locating the many problems that occur through technology.Overall through their findings technology to them is seen to be more detrimental to society than beneficial. I agree that technology is not always beneficial, but I would not conclude that it is ruining society, and that there is no hope left to re-instil the values of humanity that are being lost. When technology is used correctly its advantages outweigh its disadvantages by far. As a society our focus should be on fixing what is setting us back as a nation and how we can recover the values of humanity we once had.   

Has Technology really been beneficial to society?  



http://newamericamedia.org/2010/12/i-tweet-therefore-i-am.php — Andrew Lam

http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/books/2011/02/diagnosing_the_digital_revolution.html — Sherry Turkle


One thought on “Has Technology really been beneficial to society?”

  1. Technology has become a central aspect of daily life, and as a society we would not be close to where we are today without it. Whether or not technology is completely beneficial to society is controversial, but I believe that regardless of the harm that technology causes, it is essential that humans continue to advance it. I agree that when technology is used correctly, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. Since technology has reshaped the way we live, especially in the United States, it is understandable as to why it has been detrimental in many cases. For example, when I think of the impact of technology I think of the way social media, and phones have practically taken over social interactions. Countless number of times I have seen groups of people scanning through their phones failing to acknowledge anybody in their presence. In a way they become lost in their “technological world” and forget how to converse with other people. On the other hand, technology also works to bring people together, and demonstrates values that would otherwise not be possible. For example, often times people will be sitting in a group and be able to show a funny video that allows them to share a positive experience. Although both of my examples are simple, they reveal that technology can have positive and negative affects based on the ways in which it is used. Aside from how technology can potentially connect us and bring us apart, the fact that technology is capable of saving lives is reason enough to conclude that it has been beneficial to society. Even the technological advancement of the phone has the ability to save lives. For example, 9-1-1 would not be possible without phones. In conclusion I agree that not all technology has been beneficial to society and in many cases changed part of our humanistic culture, but in order to continue to move forward, technological innovations are essential.


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