Keeping up with the Korrupted

On average, Kim Kardashian makes about 5.45 million dollars a year. The average american makes about $52,000 according to US census data in 2015. That’s a pretty uneven margin, and does anyone know what Kim Kardashian actually does? This is the case with too many celebrities. They are overpaid and over-exposed in today’s culture, often leading to Britney Spears circa 2007 meltdowns, and unrealistic views about how the world actually works. 

Kim Kardashian originally gained some mention in the media through a friendship she had with another over-paid celebrity, Paris Hilton. Then in 2007 a sex tape she made with former boyfriend Ray J, was leaked, sending not only her, but her whole family into stardom. Now, Kim K is known for her big butt, her marriage to Kanye West, and her crazy family. Yes, Kim K may have her own fragrance and clothing line, but that’s nothing society didn’t have before she came onto the scene.

So why do we worship celebrities such as her? Why are they made out to be such great influences and role models? Is it because we want to be like them? Have as much money as them? In a recent interview Kim K said that she donates about 10 percent of her earnings to charities and the like. However, 10 percent isn’t even close to the amount of help needed by these organizations. So what does she do with the leftover 90 percent? She goes to Bora Bora and looses a pair of $175,000 diamond earrings in the ocean. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be like that. After this hacc81ce8367b443fb5cec0a2a3b4f50e4ppened, Kourtney did say, “Kim there are people dying,” pointing out that there are more important things going on in the world. Yet, that’s pretty much the most empathy I think anyone has heard come out of a Kardahsian’s mouth.


Overall, I’m not saying “don’t enjoy or their show,” because let’s be honest, it is super entertaining, and everyone has seen it. I am saying however, choose your role-models carefully, and pick the ones who make society better, and make you strive to be a better person, rather than the ones who just get paid to promote themselves.


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One thought on “Keeping up with the Korrupted”

  1. I do agree that it’s concerning how celebrities such as the Kardashians have become role models for so many people, and how outrageous it is that they have gained their fame by being friends with other famous people or by being involved in a scandal. It’s also interesting that society has rewarded them for being involved in these scandals or by publicly fighting on their reality show. I think people like them so much because they feel like they “know” them. Through their reality show they have basically invited viewers into their private lives and into their homes. We see their fights, break ups, and make ups and because of that we feel like we understand and know what they’re going through. And while I certainly do enjoy watching their show because it is entertaining, I am also aware that it is most probably fake and not as genuine as many other viewers believe it to be.


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