Psycho Girlfriends

Every Monday night people all over gather around their televisions with popcorn and possibly a glass of wine to see which girl gets sent home this week on The Bachelor. This season features Ben Higgins, a young man searching for love the best way he knows how, by dating 20 girls in only a few months. I always hated when my friends would talk about this show in the past. I would look at them and say, “Do you honestly think they find love on that stupid show?”, but after getting more and more drawn to the TV with every “Rose Ceremony” the show took another victim.


Personally I have always found the show to be pretty ridiculous, but this season has shed a very bad light onto women and love. From the very beginning, one candidate admitted to leaving her boyfriend of one year because she thought Ben was “just so cute”. Each week a more psychotic side of each girl comes out and justifies what social media says about women and love. There are fights over Ben. Girls going behind each others backs to get more time with their man. Making up ridiculous lies about each other to make the other girls seem less attractive. With every Monday comes another crazy girl with another crazy look in her eyes.


All over social media, comments about how crazy girls are with boys and how they would kill anyone who tries to talk to their man. Boys claim that they have “psycho girlfriends” who do not let them hang out with anyone except them. People are constantly putting girls in a difficult situation when they are in a relationship. In today’s society, cheating seems to be a pretty prominent problem on both sides. Does it make a girl “psycho” to be concerned about their boyfriend’s loyalty or does it just show that they care?


Personally I believe that this “psycho girlfriend” phenomenon makes girls feel like they are walking on eggshells in their relationship. Worried about almost caring too much? Is society today making girls feel guilty for loving someone and being concerned? What do you think?




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