A Question

Thinking of a part in Dude You’re A Fag, I asked my lab group whether or not people had separate graduation robe colors for each gender in their schools. Interestingly enough, most people had the same color for all of their class or people were able to choose between two. Still, a few people did have girls as one color and boys as another. My school had one color for the first time last year, but I think the better option would to have people be able to choose. In the very least, things were better when we weren’t assigned colors based on our outward expression of gender. We had a few students go through sex changes in our class, during that year even, so perhaps that was the reason why my class was the first to have this happen. I’m curious though, what do other people think? And what was the situation with your graduation robe colors?


One thought on “A Question”

  1. Hi, I think I am in your lab group, or at least ours talked about this too. At my school my class was the first to have us all wear the same color gowns for graduation. In years past the girls wore white and the boys wore red. In my year we all had to wear red. While we did have a few gender neutral and various gender identifying students in my grade, the official reason for the change in policy was “the stage looked disorganized with the different colors mixed together”. I think this was my schools way of making the change, but trying not to make a political statement of any kind. It was not until I took this class and heard other people in my lab talking about how their school changed the gown policy for the students that expressed various gender idenities that I realized my school likely did this too, but tried to not make a show of it.


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