Beyonce’s Formation

It has been over a couple of weeks since Beyonce’s surprising pro-black music video to her new single “Formation,” which was followed by a very pro-black Super Bowl performance. Beyonce had a total of 30 back up dancers dressed in black panther attire and through her outfit, the singer herself paid tribute to influential black artist, Michael jackson.

In “Formation,” Beyonce proudly acknowledges her black Southern roots and takes us back to Hurricane Katrina and its effects through her imagery, and the alludes to the present day Black Lives Matter movement especially after the start of the Black Lives Matter Movement. It is now clear to many, that the singer is no longer ‘neutral’ to what’s occurring in black communities. Beyonce’s superbowl performance most definitely became the biggest platform to convey a specific political/social message to America’s general public and that is showing solidarity to her black brothers and sisters. Beyonce’s  “Formation”  includes carrying hot sauce in her bag, collard greens, Blue Ivy’s “baby hair afro,” and “Negro nose with Jackson Five nostrils.” The video takes on institutionalized racism in the forms of police brutality and government abuse. Through powerful images that include a police line, a Southern plantation home, and a shot of graffiti on a wall that reads, “Stop shooting us.” Formation, hands down, is Beyonce first overtly black statement and for that she has received a lot of black lash from her white audience to her fellow black brothers and sisters.

When Beyonce dropped ‘Formation’ and the next day performed it on the Super Bowl the media went haywire. Thousands of her fans had mixed feelings, ranging from ‘anti-police, targeting the white community, and get this.. racist.’ Not only that, Beyonce received several negative responses from the black community claiming that she was not fully educated on the problems that were being addressed. Evidently, she shows her audience that she is unapologetic and will continue to slay.

I personally admire Beyonce for taking a stance on important issues that affect black communities. In Beyonce’s case, it’s hard to please her fans without giving a direct approach to these sort of ‘controversial topics.’ I hope to see more of Beyonce’s black girl magic, she is indeed a proud, powerful black woman that is going to spark up more conversation and promote black narratives. 

What do you all think?





One thought on “Beyonce’s Formation”

  1. This is very interesting and informative topic. I like how you are able to relate the racial issue to the song and Beyonce in general. People need to understand that ”Black Panthers” were not against police, but they were definitely againest police brutality. They were socialist organizations that stood for black people’s rights and equality. It is also important for Beyonce, as she has many platforms, to educate many people about what is happening in the black community. Many people misunderstood Beyonce because they thought that she was trying to bring attention to Black Panthers and anti-police. She was actually trying to bring attention to the inequalities and injustices that are happening to black people. Beyonce’s courage to speak up against discrimination and racism is admirable.


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