Bhutanese Happiness

The country of bhutanese is a place that not a lot of people outside the country know about. That should change. They have beautiful people and beautiful cultures. Bhutanese is the first country that has moved into modernization so fast. They have built colleges for their people to get a good education. They believe that English is their second language. They educate their young people so they can either help the country posper or leave and make a name for themselves in the world. They believe that education is very important for their citizens. They have free education for kids until the 10th grade. They have a phrase, Gross National Happiness. This is the belief that the happiness of the people is the most important thing for the country. If the citizens are happy then the country will prosper. They believe happiness should be above everything else in order for their country to grow together. 

By Francisca Secor

Anthropology 102



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