Conversation, Lost Cause?

Conversation has always been a delicacy that people have taken part dating way back in time. It seems as though conversation was such an important part of life in past times. Men would sit and hold important conversations over a nice glass of bourbon, while proceeding to puff on their finely rolled cigars. Business would be pressed upon and negotiation wasn’t found so easily. Since time has gone technology have ravaged the way and taken over the power conversation.

Since the introduction of the iPhone conversation has lacked at times. Now because of the iPhone we are able to message those who are fifty feet away. Who needs real conversation anyway? The iPhone can finish your word for you and throw cool faces into the conversation. The features that the latest iPhone offers are virtually endless. You name it and the iPhone can do it. Nowadays the only conversation around the dinner table is that being texted to the girlfriends and boyfriends and to the bffs of those around the table. People nowadays are so stuck on their devices that they are losing the capability of holding an intellectual conversation.

One of the most popularly used features on the iPhone is the escape goat/savior feature. The one that allows one to escape from the awkwardness of trying to start a real conversation. This seems to be the classic method for escaping from a conversation that you don’t want to have or from having to talk to someone you don’t want to. If someone who has an iPhone were to see someone who they don’t want to talk walking towards them their next move would be to pull out their iPhone and immediately full up social media to make it look as though they don’t want to be disturbed by that person. Another tactic that is extreme is for one who is alone, let’s say sitting at the bus station, to pretend like they are on the phone with someone just so they don’t look weird or so they can avoid conversation with strangers.

An example of conversation declining is in the workplace. Before iPhones, imagine that, people had to go out and actually do stuff. Like a salesman nowadays can be at home and pick up his iPhone and call potential customers. back in the olden days, or so it seems, salesman would actually have to travel to clients offices and pitch their product to the client FACE TO FACE. Now all you got to do is pick up the iPhone, press the screen and your talking to them.

Face to face interactions are taking a downward spiral in society today. They aren’t as common as they used to be. Instead of going somewhere to talk to someone one will just FaceTime the other and converse over the phone. People struggle when conversing with others face to face because they are immersed in their phone all the time and use a messaging language that doesn’t sound too good when used in conversation. Even at the dinner table the real conversations that families have are sprung from things that the parents or kids have seen on social media while using their iPhone. We have lost touch with the try meaning of a family dinner and a meaningful conversation.

People need to get back to the old ways and have intellectual conversations while on the golf course or while gathered around the dinning room table. We need to be able to continue with meaningful conversations as they will be needed when it comes to interviewing for a job or negotiating the next for a company. Leave the iPhones in your pocket at the table and start a meaningful conversation that does regard social media, just intelligence.



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