Cultural Migration

Its interesting to see the difference of opinion socially and economically about cultures and races. For Chinese immigrants in the 1850s, they were seen as “an inferior and undesirable population”. However, in today’s society, Asian immigrants are the fastest growing buying power share. Which means they are an essential part of the economy and are more than welcoming to stay in the eyes of economists. Asians were viewed this way mostly because of the media of the  the time. The media depicted the Chinese as a sinister and evil plotting group of people.

The reason Chinese immigrants were being depicted this way is because people did not understand how the Chinese could live in such crowded places with poor living conditions and such low wages. Therefore the media decided it was because of their mysterious religion and abnormal culture that gave them that power. However, it was purely because of discipline that the Chinese were able to withstand so much.

Comparing to the previously mentioned 1850s inferior race, Asian immigrants as a whole have a higher education completion rating than the overall U.S. population. Groups that arrive to the U.S. have the highest education levels while refugees have the lowest levels.

Even economically, Asians own 1.5 million businesses and employed 208 million people in 2007. The amount of Asian owned businesses increased by 40 percent from 2002 to 2007; the average increase for all of U.S. business was 18 percent.

Overall, we see the Chinese as unwanted immigrants transform to a strong and stabled pillar for our economy with positive influences of higher education and culture.

Author: Mr.Bubble

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