Driving anywhere is dangerous. There are many aspects of driving that make it dangerous but the most important factor that makes driving dangerous are the various kinds of people driving. Some examples of different kinds of drivers are where you are from, where you are actually driving or if you are a passive or aggressive driver. As I drive around areas that I am used to driving in, I use Emic to judge other drivers because I am using my “insider’s perspective” based on experience as well as my perception of people in in that particular situation. Personally, I am more aggressive than the average driver on the road and I constantly have to remind myself that some of the other drivers are not familiar with where they are driving and they are using their Etic perspective based upon the street signs and not more focused on the actual current of traffic.

There are certain times when I feel as though I am ethnocentric and I feel as though how I drive with my personal experiences in that certain area is the best way to drive. I’m right sometimes but then there are other times when I need to remind myself that I need to understand the other individuals beliefs/driving habits in terms of their own culture and past and not mine. If I was judging people on their actions even though I was using my past experiences to judge them then that wouldn’t be fair to them and their actions. Actions must be judged with the same filter as the person judging them.




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