Gender inequality online

Gender inequality is still apparent even in the online market. Women compared to men when selling online on Ebay can fetch higher prices if they pretend if they are men. A study was shown that on average men earned 20% more than women when selling identical new items on Ebay. This tendency is shown for all buyers of both men and women in offering less for items put on auction by women. An analysis of 420 most popular products between 2009 and 2012 found that women made up nearly a quarter of vendors in the dataset, and had better reputations as vendors.

Though Ebay vendors are not needed to state their gender on the website, researchers ran a separate experiment where they asked people to declare how much they would pay for a $100 amazon voucher. The voucher was offered by different names, one buy Brad and one by Alison. The results shown that buyers paid less to women due to their gender.

In this new global market environment, it is important that gender inequalities in all workplaces even online to be fair. Being more aware of the unconscious decisions that all people make against who the seller is on the market can help close the gap between the price disparities between male and female.



One thought on “Gender inequality online”

  1. I was surprised to know that there are gender inequalities through online markets where the sellers are not visible to the customer. However I wonder if this gender bias happens in online markets other then eBay such as Etsy and Amazon. I believe this kind of gender inequality should be abolished in order for female sellers to gain the same benefit as male sellers.  


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