Oppression, Mental Health, and the house Science Committee

Folmar Dalit 1

What comes to mind when someone mentions mental health; is it anthropology? Would you believe me if I say there is something called neuroanthropology? Steven Folmar who is an associate professor and associate chair of anthropology at Wake Forest University was funded to see the project in Oppression and Mental Health in Nepal. Steven Folmar research helps us make connections between mental health and culture. According to his research “mental health appears to be positively correlated with a strong sense of spirituality. As a Neuroscience major I find the correlation between mental health and strong sense of spirituality very interesting. Before reading this article I saw culture as one and the brain as another. However, after reading this article I see how culture can influence brain development, structure, and its function. Would you ever think your culture could have a direct connection with the brain? I definitely didn’t! Mental illness isn’t something that can be easily seen such as chicken pox or the flu. Its something that numerous people face yet can’t express freely around all. Just like individuals culture differentiates from one another. Can’t make assumptions without any prior information before hand. In the end, it mentions how we as a society need to help those suffering from mental illness. As a whole we should see mental illness the same way we see any other disease.

Oppression, Mental Health…




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