Oversharing on Social Media

Facebook and other social media sites are great for connecting people and staying in touch with long distance friends.  They allow us to share our thoughts and memories with our friends, keeping them updated on our endeavors.  However, Facebook can also be harmful to our mental and (ironically) social well-being.

We all feel the need to share things that are important to us, which is fantastic and can even lead to new friendships.  Some people just share too much.

Without using names, I’ll use one of my Facebook friends as an example.  Everything that she does, she posts on Facebook.  She makes an average of 15 posts a day (not including anything that she shared, just her original content).  These posts range from essay length rants about people that she is mad at, to what she ate for breakfast, to intimate details about her love life.  Clearly this girl is addicted to social media, as are many other people.  As a result of her essay length complaints and oversharing about intimate relationships, she has almost no real friends and is widely disliked.  In her case, her addiction to Facebook has greatly damaged her mental and social life.

Why do people overshare and say things that they should not on social media?  Now I know that the way my Facebook friend uses social media is not really the norm, but most people do tend to overshare.  We let our Facebook friends (the vast majority of whom we do not consider friends in real life) know personal details to make sure that we come across as interesting and sophisticated.  Our profiles on social media are virtual representations of ourselves, so we should be more careful and think twice before posting that embarrassing snapshot of our friend from the Christmas party.


One thought on “Oversharing on Social Media”

  1. I totally agree with you… Sadly, our generation puts so much effort and wastes so much time on social media. I don’t understand how one person (for example me) that has accounts on Facebook, Instagram , Snapchat, Twitter can after all have any kind of privacy. I am not as addicted as your Facebook friend and I do not post stuff online everyday, but still I feel that some parts of my life are ”open” to public. What I come to realize is that because of all this social media madness, meeting new people and most importantly getting to know them has become so dull. ”Facebook stalking” is common to all of us who use social media. But, do we actually get to know the person by scrolling down his or her Facebook profile or by looking at the pictures he or she has uploaded? As you implied, I feel that social media have made us less social. A big challenge would be: a week without any social media. We could actually be able to call our close friends and not just text or comment on their recently uploaded pictures, and learn their news through phone, instead Snapchat…


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