Privacy vs. National Security

National security and online personal privacy are two topics that have been in the forefront of current events. With nothing ever really ‘disappearing’ from the internet and the ‘cloud’, internet  and smartphone users are faced with the unsettling idea that nowhere is safe and that at any moment, anyone could be listening to our phone calls, tracking our location, or even accessing our bank accounts. This leaves the United States and big corporal businesses in a tricky situation. Following the December shooting in San Bernardino, CA, the FBI has requested the Apple create a software to hack into one of the shooter’s iPhone. The FBI claims that by gaining access to the phone, it could possibly lead to other suspects that potentially pose a threat to our nation’s safety. Apple refuses to do so, and does not want to become the government’s latest spy accomplice. Everyone who owns an iPhone should be somewhat relieved that Apple isn’t readily handing over the top secret stuff that lives on the average iPhone to the government! If Apple were to agree to ‘break’ into this iPhone and allow the FBI to snoop through it, that would guarantee a loss in sales for sure– and that is something that Apple will go to all lengths to avoid that from ever happening.  The United States government sure does have a lot of authority and power over us citizens, however so do multimillion dollar companies that thrive off of consumers. So, would you rather have your phone be looked through, or hinder the progress of a national security investigation?




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