He did it. She did it. What’s the difference? Why are there double standards? Double standards have always existed. Why is it that a guy can sleep with as many girls as they want to but when a girl does it, they are considered a hoe? I honestly don’t see why we have to be labeled because of something we want to do with OUR bodies. In society, women have been perceived to be uncultured and uncivilized. I didn’t really understand or witness double standards until middle school. For instance, there was once this girl who had slept around with the basketball team. She quickly became the “hoe.” I can’t speak for every female but sometimes I fall into the crowd by calling other females hoes. I don’t have that right because I shouldn’t label any female that has the freedom to do what they want with their body. Although there is a such thing as a male hoe, it is total bullshit that guys don’t get scared or humiliated for having multiple sexual partners. If anything I don’t feel that anyone should be humiliated for their personal decisions. But if anything, if females are going to be embarrassed for sleeping around then all genders should be put to shame. Another standard that irks me is when men are put on a higher pedestal for the workforce. For example, it has been proven that eighteen percent of congressional seats are held by women and that women on average earn eighty- one percent of what male counterparts earn. This is something that is not fair and is unequal. That’s just like men are seen/known to be better at math and sciences. Women work just as hard and are just as smart as men. It could also be considered a “privilege.” Although people don’t mention or bring the situation up, it is something that should be put to justice. Martha Foschi from Annual Reviews ( writes about the issues of the theories and research on double standards. The empowerment of women is a beautiful thing and as a female, it is degrading me. As a society, women are already put into this bubble that we are going to be “nurturing, domestic and sentimental”. Its wrong. We could go on for days about why women can’t do what men do. Why is it even a question or up for discussion? Double standards feeds into anthropology, men and women have “expectations”. I believe that either sex should have an expectation. I believe that double standards shouldn’t exist.ted


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