Technology: Change for the better?

People today always talk about how technology is changing our world. But the question that often follows that is is technology changing the world for the worse or for the better? Well, I think to fully understand that I think we need to look at other times where technology was rapidly advancing like this.

It may not be as drastic or as fresh in our memory as the change we are going through now but our society has always changed around technology. For example the industrial revolution. It, like our current technology boom, had its pros and cons. Some pros of the industrial revolution were that it created jobs, it made production of goods a lot more efficient, and therefore the goods themselves were much cheaper, and helped create cities as we know them today. But it also rapidly increased the amount if pollution we put out and also the working conditions were not good. In middle school we had to talk this issues out in a class debate. Did we think the industrial revolution was worth it?

This technology boom that we are in now similarly has many pros and cons. So what do you guys think is our current technology worth all the cons that come with it? Are there certain aspects of technology that you think are particularly good or bad?



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