The “Starter Pack” Meme

As you may know, the “Starter Pack” Meme has been going viral around the internet. It’s been a sensational hit in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram The starter pack, is when a certain object, characteristics, or actions that make up a particular type of person. Today in our society, racial, cultural, and ethnic differences are used to place people into different categories. Once we categorize people in this way, we automatically assume that they have the essence of identifying certain things and putting it into a group. Everyone has different personalities and we always try to find someone who is more similar like us. The reason that classification matters is that identifying individuals into a group brings along the belief that the members of that group share some essential characteristics. Culture in a specific sense can be mention to the fact that people live their lives with different cultures, or ways of life. Many people have their own point of view  and actions that they have been taking notice from a particular group of people that people start to make fun of other classifying group. The meme doesn’t necessarily have to be based on cultural backgrounds but, it can also  be used to illustrate stereotype of a celebrity, fashion guides, and other essential things that people recognize. Gender, sex, and sexuality also plays along into the starter pack because people establish what other genders do through their social performances such as what a guy or a guy would say, or social roles. The “starter pack” may have made comical and viral meme about a certain topic but we all can relate them in some way and just have a laugh.


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