Too Much Technology

Why is it that technology can have such a big grasp on our lives?  Why does it need to consume our everyday lives? Even though technology has been really useful/helpful for people it has also has had a huge impact on how we perceive people. Now these days instead of going out to play or talking to friends. People would prefer to sit at home and watch TV, or hangout with friends but instead of talking they are on their phones. People are more worried about how many likes they get on an Instagram post or how many views are on their story or on Snapchat rather then having a real conversation.  One would argue is the millennial generation becoming less empathetic?  In Peggy Orestein’s New York Times article she begs these questions while saying that students are less empathetic today then a couple decades ago.  My question when reading this article is “Are students less empathetic or are we more socially aware just in a different way?”  For every tweet that is looked at and every video that is watched people get to see real events without the bias of the media. Raw footage is what is going to bring this age to a whole new level because it allows people to think about issues in their own way.  I looked up two different articles for this blog post.  The first one talks about technology in a negative light suggesting we have to much of it, the second one “I Tweet therefore I am” appreciates that we are developing into a new kind of people. Less sympathetic emotionally but more socially aware. What do you think? Is Technology going to run us into the ground or is it going to open doors that no one could ever imagine?



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