Do We Really Need Feminism?

Recently I have been more vocal about the fact that I’m a feminist and it’s really shocking to say that a lot of the responses I get are negative.  As soon as the word ‘feminist’ comes out of my mouth many people make the assumption that I think I am better than men and that I hate men.  So many people are misinformed about what feminism actually is and they think that the world doesn’t need it.  Feminism is advocating for the economic, political, and social equality amongst men and women.  After I define what feminism really is, some people still actually believe that there is total equality, that we aren’t living in a patriarchal society.  They don’t believe that the wage gap exists, they don’t think that women are still being oppressed and objectified.  But they are wrong.

If women are treated like humans with respect and equality, then why are women objectified and oppressed in the mainstream media everyday?  I have found a few different articles there are pictures comparing advertisements from the 1960’s/70’s that are extremely sexist to modern day advertisements that are just as bad.  Here’s an example of 1960’s/70’s advertisements versus a modern day one.




modern day

At least in the first picture the woman is at the same level of a man’s shoe, while the modern day advertisement is objectifying this woman and putting her as lower than men’s shoes.

I think that the reason many people believe that we already have equality is that they aren’t actually paying attention to things like these advertisements that are still happening today. All that I am sure of is that things like this will continue to happen until we all are aware of what is happening and demand a change.  What are your opinions on this subject?  Do you think we still need feminism?  Why do you think these sexist ads are still being used in modern times?

Here are some websites that have more examples of modern day sexist advertisements as well as some older ads, there are some pretty shocking pictures included:



Author: SK

Wheaton College '19

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