The immigration issue in Greece

The immigration issue that Greece is currently facing, is referred to the systematic illegal entrance of a fair amount of immigrants in the Greek territory. The decline of the socialistic governments of East Europe in 1989, caused the first immigration wave with Greece being their destination (immigrants were originally from Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, and later immigrants were added from Africa and Asia). Since 2000, Greece has become a pole of attraction for hundreds of immigrants from around the world. As a result, about 7% of Greece’s population consists of immigrants from countries outside the European Union.

Nowadays, the immigration issue becomes more and more crucial and is gradually getting quite dangerous.

The images from the Aegean islands that are all around the social media, are only an indication of what is actually going on. Millions of people are piled up in improvised camps, and live under terrible and miserable circumstances. The only thing they are waiting for, is some paperwork so that they can be transferred to Athens, or another big city, where the same torture is expecting them.

What is for sure, is that there is no easy solution to the problem.

As long as the life standards in the countries of origin of the immigrants are dangerous and there are not even the basics to ensure a good quality of life, the immigration flow won’t stop.

However, this doesn’t mean that the government should face this issue with pity.

Obviously, there is lack of good governmental organization, so there is neither adequate accommodation for all of the immigrants, nor a way to prevent the entrance of immigrants in the country.

The mechanism of halting the immigration flow was turned into a mechanism of ‘’welcoming’’ them. In addition, the whole organization process burdens the municipalities and the philanthropic organizations, that are struggling, without enough resources, to cover immigrants’ basic needs.

In order to temper the issue, the Greek government ought to pursue its internationalization. In collaboration with Italy, and other countries that also receive a big percentage of the immigrants, the government should clarify that the issue does not concern just Greece, or generally the country that receives the immigrants. In contrast, it is a European, humanitarian, and therefore international issue. What needs to be pointed out is that the immigration issue also concerns all of the financially established countries, and it is not going to get solved, unless there is security and financial growth in the countries of origin of the immigrants.



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