Christmas Gift Exchange

Christmas is one of the most wonderful time of the year where people exchange gift to each other and be with their families sharing love, happiness, and laughter. But before the holiday even get started, thousands of people try to find the perfect gift for a particular person because they don’t want to  get a gift that does not value the relationship/ friendship that they have with the other opponent. Gift can follow unspoken rules. Usually when we tend to receive a gift from someone, we expect to get something back in return to have an equivalent balance to the money spent to buy them. In our society, we tend to work really hard to find something that is trending or what the other person has been asking for. Usually parents (especially mines) watch the commercials on TV to get an idea of what to get for Christmas. Advertising people can illustrate an idea of what is considered as cool such as the clothes that we wear, the music that we listen to, the cars that we drive in,  and much more! That’s why it’s so important that the media is capable of keeping track and containing information of what’s trending. We give gifts to recognize,  build, and honor friendship/relationships. Getting a perfect gift that would for the recipient can be sometimes easy  have a set of their cultural understandings about how the recipient is. When people get a gift that they don’t really like, it challenges the relationship and it can sometimes be put into an awkward position. For an example, when you receive a gift from someone, and you don’t like it….what do you do? Do you pretend to like the gift so the giver doesn’t feel some type of way or do you make it obvious that you don’t like it so that you can make the giver feel really bad? Which one do you choose? The choice is yours. But whatever decision that you decide to do, just remember that giving is just more than just buying a present for someone and wrapping it. It takes a lot of thought and consideration.

Do you give to receive or do you give, just to give ?



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