Racial issues & the Media

Today in our world, the media has influenced people to trust the legitimate problems are going on. The media  plays an important role within a wider foundation of the economic, social, and cultural power of our generation. One of the issues that the media tries to portray is the racial issues. The social construction of race is considered as classifying people into groups. According to the book Cultural Anthropology written by Robert Welsch & Luis Vivanco, it stated that, “Biological traits also tend to vary independently of each other. For example, there is  no biological connection between the traits of skin tone and any other supposed “racial” trait such as certain facial features or bodily shapes (269).”The media is capable of manipulating the people by the press and they will generally write their reports in way that the readers can create an expected standard of behavior and belief established and enforced by a group. Media power has the potential to control to a certain extent the minds of the readers or viewers but, not directly their actions. But in another point of view, it can also contain knowledge that will allow people to gain information.

But as of today, there has been many conflict in our world such as judging other people based on skin color. Skin color is the most salient identity in America and it would be best if we could take a step back instead and look at it as the nature of beauty from it. As prejudice and racism have caused an epic suffering across the history, it makes everyone have a negative emotions and an irrational beliefs about whether they belong in a group to which we belong and  whether if that forms a part of our social identity or not. Usually prejudice often begins with stereotype. Within our society, there are any different beliefs about an individual’s personalities and motives of a social group that doesn’t follow for a specific variation. Stereotypes become overgeneralized and usually when one group believes that they are superior to another group and acts in a certain way, then it cause problems.


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