Refugee Immigration to Germany


What started out as a greatly admired and civil gesture has turned out to be one of the most controversial topics circulating the news. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Germany’s borders to over one million Middle Eastern and North African immigrants was seen as extremely noble and humane, but opinions in Germany are changing. Merkel is losing support for her refugee policy rapidly both inside and outside of her country, and it is likely that Germany will stop accepting immigrants soon. The loss of support has happened for many reasons, including sexual assault cases involving groups of immigrant men, but the main reason seems to be a lack of accommodations for the increasing population. Towns and cities have been put under a huge amount of stress trying to provide for the refugees, and many Germans have had enough.

In my eyes, Merkel’s policy was one of the only things that could ever convince our own country to open its doors and help with the crisis. Now that support for both Merkel and her open borders is dwindling, I’m losing hope that America will ever perform such a great, humane gesture. Is there any hope left for the refugees? Will we ever put fear aside for these innocent people and accept them into our arms? I feel with a great deal of organization and patience, we could safely integrate millions of refugees into our country, and other countries could do the same.


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