Virtual = Reality

Is modern technology changing the human race and our way of living too much? We are beginning to believe that “we do not fully exist without some sort of electronic imprint in the virtual world”. I agree that some of us have been broadcasting every single bit of our lives – even the private parts – to the world. For example, the reality TV show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” serves no purpose whatsoever except to inform fans of what happens in the Kardashian family’s lives. This is another example of how “diaries, once hidden under mattresses, are now online in the form of blogs and vlogs”. We are becoming too open with our personal lives.

Another fact is the new dangers of everything being online. For example, the Julian Assange WikiLeaks incident and the more recent Edward Snowden NSA leak incident. It is becoming too easy to be whistleblowers and endanger others (even unintentionally). Snowden’s actions in releasing the names of undercover operatives endangered innocent people. Even though he thought he was doing the right thing, being an Internet vigilante is dangerous and becoming too easy.

Another important part of modern society is “our 21st century response to an emergency is not to interact, but to record it”. There was one incident in which Bill Nye collapsed in front of an audience and nobody came to help, but instead they recorded. Another incident would be when a high school student in Sichuan, China recorded – instead of saved – his classmates as they perished in an earthquake. This forces us to imagine how many people could be saved if we shut off our virtual realities for once and actually looked around and cared about the real, physical world around us.


Works Cited: Lam, Andrew. “I Tweet, Therefore I Am.” Editorial. New American Media [San Francisco] 17 Dec. 2010: n. pag. Print.


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