LGBT Rights Not Enough

We hear a lot about LGBT in the news, social media, in politics and among people while having the most basic chat, and most of the time the word “right” comes into light. LBGT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender, and this has been quite the topic lately due to the presidential elections being around the corner. LGBT have had a very rough time in the world because they are seen as not normal, and this leads to a multitude of discrimination and violence towards them. People have been going through this for many years, stemming from ideals of power, fear and history. Regardless of why, people are all equal.

Congress has tried passing bills to protect people from acts of discrimination and violence but, the biggest victory for the LGBT community so far has been when congress passed the bill that now is a law allowing same sex marriage in all 50 states. But there are still issues, such as job opportunities and discrimination, so far few the states have passed bills protecting them.

Over the years people of the LGBT community have suffered incredible amounts of injustice, because of their beliefs and sexuality. The fact that one person is gay/lesbian can change how he or she is treated. When looking for a job for example, it is very hard for them to get one because of the discrimination towards them. The idea is that they might scare off customers. In most religions this is considered wrong, because men and women are supposed to be together not men with men or women with women. Religion has played quite the role when it comes to influencing the ideals of how people should live their sexual lives.

There are so many issues that the LGBT community has been dealing with over the years, though these issues have left some pretty eye opening transformations in the world it is still far from being over. LGBT or not, we are all equal and we should not treat each other differently.


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