Why do we fear Muslims so much?


Since September 11th, 2001 Americans have been on their guard around Muslims and those who could possibly be Muslim. The detonation of the twin towers marked the day that the United States was no longer a country for all people. The spread of ignorance and prejudice against middle eastern looking people has created a horrible disconnect between two cultures that could really help each other both socially and economically. While 9/11 was a disgusting and shocking act of violence against the American people, it did happen over 10 years ago. The Muslim community has shown their outrage towards extremists and denounced them as false worshipers. While Americans hide in fear of Muslims and the Muslim culture, there are other countries suffering from the terrorism that we fear daily. And yet, these countries get barely any media coverage because a majority of them are populated by many Muslims themselves. So my question is, why do we fear Muslims so much?

Turkey, Mali, Nigeria, Tunisia, Indonesia: these are just some of the countries that have been attacked by terrorists in the past few months with little to no media coverage. Suicide bombings and other terrorists attacks plague these countries daily. Citizens of these countries live their lives in fear, not knowing when or how they will die. And yet, the citizens of these countries that are so burdened by terrorism do not fear Muslims as a whole as we do in America. They cannot afford to as the population of these countries is mostly Muslim people. To a citizen of Turkey, a Muslim extremist is just another bad guy that needs to be arrested and jailed. He does not care about the background of this terrorist; he only cares about the safety of his family.

With the Muslim population growing in the United States, it is strongly advised that American citizens begin to think the same way that the man from Turkey thinks. Terrorism is a dreadful thing, but it does not give people the right to discriminate against an entire culture.

One thought on “Why do we fear Muslims so much?”

  1. I completely understand what you are saying and believe most of our country believes the same. But I do think that there is some weight behind people’s arguments of not allowing certain nationalities into our country. People may become upset at this but at a time such as this with so much violent acts of terrorism around the world, I think that we must take extra precautions to protect our country since we are one of the frontrunners in opposing all terrorism. I think that if we neglected to take certain precautions which would seem unnecessary in times of peace when we didn’t create so many enemies of various terrorist groups, it would be a great mistake on our part. I do think that it is unjust to put extra sanctions on various nationalities but I think in a time such as this, it is unfortunately very necessary.


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