Religious Dispute!

          Nowadays, no one can trust anyone– not even God’s disciples. The humans beings that are supposedly God’s disciples are harmful too! The priests and pastors that are supposed to be the role models and take care of the newest generations to follow the religion are abusing these kids. How are these future generations supposed to believe in people that are harming others? How are they supposed to be role models to these kids?

John J. Geoghan on his court trial.

Today we cannot even trust our own shadows! These sexual abuse from these priests and other members of the church and/or temples are causing lots of chaos in the communities. For instances, something that is mind blowing that I read on the Boston Globe is how the church was aware of Geoghan’s record of abuse of children and still allowed him to stay. Almost all his victims were in grammar school education level boys, but one of them was just four years old. John J. Geoghan is a sickening old man, that does not even deserve to be called a “man”. It is not just about Geoghan being a monster. It is about the multitude of priests whom have  raped children over decades. It is monstrous how this continues to occur over and over again. These churches need to get their acts together before us the people stop having faith in religion.

Even though critics say it is time to move on with this story about former priest John J. Geoghan, I believe it is not time yet! It will never be time to move away from this subject until the Christianity religion get their acts together. This is a primary example on how these churches are not as holy as they may appear to the public. It is important to know that today we cannot be trusting anyone, not even God’s disciples. This does not just happen here in Massachusetts, this happens everywhere around the globe. It is terrifying the fact that one cannot even trust their religion– so what are we suppose to believe in?

The man on the right hand corner is Joseph L. Druce– he is the man that murdered Geoghan while in prison. John J. Geoghan passed away on August 23, 2003.





Rezendes, Michael. “Church Allowed Abuse By Priest For Years.” Boston Globe. Ed. Walter V. Robinson. N.p., 6 Jan. 2002. Web. 23 Mar. 2016. <;.



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