Is Consumerism Killing Our Planet?

Every year millions and millions of dollars are poured into our economy in the form of consumerism. Freshman year of high school I was shown the video “THE STORY OF STUFF” in my history class. Overall the narrator talks about the materials economy in the US and the linear model it follows (extraction to production to distribution to consumption and then to disposal). I think this really exemplifies our consumeristic culture and how theres a new stigma and obsession with having the newest and best thing.

Every day you see multiple commercials depicting cars and how amazing the new models are. These images are always accompanied by men in suits or women in beautiful gowns or skimpy clothing. This shows consumers that in order to be as sophisticated or “cool” as the people in the commercials, you need to have that car, or that perfume or whatever else the company sells. The best thing about this, is that people actually buy it. They give into the pressure from these companies and just buy more and more product, only feeding the corporation and making them more money.

From this, we can gather that more and more materials are being taken from our environment and eventually ending up in landfills, only further destroying the planet we live on. I agree with the women in this video on a lot of things, our environment is important, consumerism is often times taken too far, and sometimes the government cares more about corporations interests than the peoples. However, there are some criticisms that need to be taken into account. This video clearly has an agenda, and isn’t impartial to a lot of the issues addressed. This video also doesn’t really say how to fix the problem, rather it just points out that there is one. Overall, if you have about 20 minutes to spare, its definitely worth the watch to form your own opinion and decide wether or not you like the society we have turned into.



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