“Snobby Students” vs. “Dangerous Townies”

This past Friday I visited a friend of  mine who attends Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut. Trinity is located in an area of Hartford that is considered to be run-down and ‘dangerous’.

Earlier last week, there allegedly was a sexual assault incident that involved locals and female students.  With a public road running through one side of the campus, Trinity Campus Safety advised students (specially females) that when walking on that road, to walk in groups to avoid sexual assault inflicted by the locals. Reading through the posts and comments on the Trinity Yik Yak, students voiced their complaints that ranged anywhere from “Walking in a large group isn’t the answer to sexual assault #ThxTrin” “Trinity should build a wall” “We should pick Trinity up and move it far, far away from Hartford”.

There has always been a large divide amongst the students and the locals, as the students view the locals as a serious threat, and the locals think all of the students are snobby and spoiled. A mutual friend reported having both his side mirrors broken off his car during the night, and immediate placed the blame on ‘the townies’.

It is impossible to know exactly how much truth is held in these accusations and incidents, how ‘dangerous’ the locals are, and how the students treat and react towards the locals. Trinity is considered to be “every Preppy’s safety school” and perhaps the dynamic between on and off campus will never be genial one.

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