Admiration and Disdain Amongst Women of Different Races

Beauty. When you search the words ‘beauty definition’ your results say: it is a combination of qualities, such as shape, color or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the site. When you search #Beauty on Instagram, you get millions of women with non-realistic bodies and make-up. Or when you see girls and women admiring Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner for their Butts and Luscious lips. Not to speak for everyone, but from various conversations amongst females, women of different races want what they weren’t born with. For example, the white race gets made fun of for not having full lips and get injections or do things such as the Kylie Jenner lip challenge to make their lips fuller. However, majority of black females are made fun of for not having silky straight hair like the ‘white girls’. Both races fulfill their needs by buying them. Or when both White and Black people wear braids, and there is always a competition of ‘who wore it better.’ Why does it matter? Both are beautiful and shouldn’t be evaluated because of race. “There is no credit; only criticism. Black women have been criticized and ridiculed for their natural beauty while the white women who adopt them as trends have received not only credit, but praise. As more white women turn to bronzers, lip injections, butt implants and the like, black women are still forced to maintain more conservative images in public to counteract stereotypes based on these features.” (Lockett, Cierra. “Flawless: Racial Bias in Beauty.” Huffington Post 23 June. 2015). Everyone wants what someone else has. Why can’t we just be satisfied with what we were born with?

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