Love the Skin You’re in

For years girls have been ashamed of the skin they’ve been born with.( yes this falls on all spectrums of white or black, red or yellow.) However, this is a European colonized world we’re living in and like it or not people are granted opportunities based on whether they are white, or whether they are not. (And its neither his’ nor her’s fault for being born black, nor is it the others for being white). But that is another discussion for another post (which needs to be discussed as well). But as any skin company is going to urge you to do, you need to love the skin you’re in. And your skin, just as everyone’s has limitations. This:

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.02.53 PM.png

….Lets be real is out of your reach. And is rather insulting. This post isn’t to shame anyone for wanting to achieve the perfect tan or even to scream about the frustration of others (as well as myself) as to why this isn’t okay. Its to inform those who are unsure what the problem is as to why this isn’t okay. But first in case you don’t know what this is let me explain.

Sweden, for all their lovely contributions to the world has decided to create what theScreen Shot 2016-03-23 at 6.09.36 PM colored community is calling Blackface in a can, or what Sweden is calling ‘Dark Chocolate’ Spray. Its to give the melanin challenged the opportunity to play dress up, in something that others have been oppressed because of for hundreds of years. Flattered as we are, stop it.

It’s a Stockholm-based Emmaatan salon that specializes in spray tanning. Which is totally okay, if you’re a aiming for a golden, sun kissed complexion (you know whats reasonable). BUT Emmaatan ignores the barriers of our complexions and raves about you shedding your whiteness and becoming, “Violet Onyx,” “Dark Ash Onyx,” “Caramel,” and “Dark Chocolate.” Which sounds absolutely wonderful if you’re a special appearing Pokemon or the middle of candy bar. Sadly none of us can check those boxes off on the census and yet they are continuously sold out of their darkest shade…


Now that we know what “‘Dark Chocolate’ Spray” is lets discuss why this is insulting, why this isn’t okay. As I said before the world was/is unfortunately exploited by certain Europeans. And as everyone knows you can’t choose your family, I’m not very proud of the things my mother does either.

Having said that we should understand that subjects are sensitive because of the way history panned out, and as humans we have to respect other’s sensitivites. Whiteness has been a thing that Europeans have told P.O.C that they should strive towards, and still to this day P.O.C are told they act “white” when they show certain traits such as being intelligent. So when a white person now attempts to steal things, most importantly a skin tone that Europeans tried to eliminated it could understandably bug some people. Most people.

If you are able to not feel oppressed by it, whereas the other majority is you’re dong something wrong. Stealing features that are currently popular and sporting them as a trend and then being able to wipe it off once the trend ends is disgusting. Thousands of individuals are shamed for attempting to lighten their skin with products that westerns claim are ridiculous and saddening. Because someone decided that the standard of beauty would be modeled after European’s hair, europeans features, which are absolutely unattainable by P.O.C.. While white women can sport their blackface on social media and be told how beautiful they are. Hows that for a double standard.

Lets start calling P.O.C. people beautiful for their dark skin, instead of telling white people how beautiful they are for a tan. Similarly lets stop telling Caucasians how sickly they look for being pale. Because fashion changes and one day you may end up loving the skin you’re in.







One thought on “Love the Skin You’re in”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. I believe what you are saying is true. I look white but I am actually Hispanic and I feel like if I don’t look like the stereotypical “Hispanic” tan then I’m not really Spanish. It was nice knowing that other see how people can be judged for not looking right or have the right tan.


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