Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems


Have you ever thought about what the world would be like if currency didn’t exist? This is something I have contemplated frequently. Sounds kind of ridiculous in terms of becoming a reality in the world we live in today huh? Why do we obsess over money and how much we have? We are constantly working towards goals, many of which result in being richer. In class, we learn that “money is not objective but rather a social agreement”. So who the heck just decided one day that currency should be our main desire and main source of wealth? The answer to that question is still unanswered and will always be a mystery since “people have been using some form of currency since 600 B.C.”. So, unfortunately, there is not one single person that we can look at for the answers to these questions; we can simply just see how we view currency individually.

Personally, I see money as an addiction. Once we have money, we quickly see what we can do with it, then before you know it, you’re hooked! However, it is not how much money we have that matters; it is what we do with that money that ultimately decides where we stand in society. If we choose to invest and use our money to create more, then what do we get? More money. If we choose to spend our money on material things, then what do we have? Nothing. If we choose to give our money to others in need, then what do we have? Nothing. Unfortunately, this is how many people view money in today’s society. Luckily, there are many people that have already caught onto the idea that money can open doors to better things than just corruption and greed. These people are able to see that when they give money to others in need, they have just the opposite of nothing. They have something much more meaningful, satisfaction that they are making this world a better place for all who live on it.

Many people know the show “Shark Tank”, a show based on how several people with a surplus of money who choose to invest it. These people choose from a variety of ideas for companies and ideas proposed by people that see this opportunity as “their big shot”. In one episode, a man proposed his idea for an app, called Scholly, that is dedicated to finding scholarships for students in high school, college, and grad school. Usually, on this show, the investors wait to hear each person’s business plan, but when one of the “sharks” heard this man’s business proposal, they stopped him and said they wanted to invest. This investor understood the meaning behind finding better ways to use money in our society.

If we view money in a different light, we can see the true potential it holds for our society.



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