Should College Student Athletes Get Paid

The NCAA is a billion dollar corporation, that overlooks everything that has to do with national college sports. In the past year they made almost 1 billion dollars in revenue. With all this money, you would think that college athletes are getting a fraction of this wealth, but in reality this major corporation manages to find ways to not pay their athletes, who are the reason for their success.

As student athletes, the NCAA defines them as amateurs thus giving them a credible reason not to pay them. Claiming that they are paid in form of education, and this method is more than enough. The system is so controlled that students that become athletes must fill out forms after forms, agreeing to terms and conditions that has its own book to explain. Based on this information i thought it was fine, but after some digging around i realized how messed up the system really is. Students must make sure that they are in top shape throughout the whole year because if they get injured they loose their whole scholarship. You’d think that the NCAA or the college would pay for the medical bills, which they do but not in cases of injuries. The intense regime of workouts leaves very little time to study, Seattle Seahawks star corner back Richard Sherman said that he would like to see if a regular student with a athlete schedule can balance it. You can’t. When you practice more than 70% of the time you are awake, when does studying for your classes come in, some “free education” we got here. Miami Heat Point Guard Shabazz Napier stated: “sometimes there is hungry nights, when i’m not able to eat. But i still have to play up to my capabilities.” Makes me think that you are a slave of the college, only there to play and make more money for the college, yet none for you? It is a very controversial topic in the sport world. There are students that are trying to help their families, but with this schedule and no pay some of them can’t even send a dime to their moms or dads.

It really does not matter the title amateur or pro, if you are providing sweat for your  college sports team, and making them richer. And there is a chance that you wont make any of it id say no.


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