Ever since the advent of YouTube, many people have began to create videos, and even entire channels, dedicated to video games.  Throughout the years, many YouTubers have received online fame through these videos, from videogamedunkey, a comedy channel, to FrankieOnPCin1080p, who makes genuine review videos, along with gameplay videos.  Prior to YouTube, there was no place to watch videos of video games.  But now, one online service has went one step further.  Twitch offers its viewers a chance to watch someone, called a streamer, play a video game and stream it live to their screen.  These streamers can interact with the online chat, and most even do giveaways for the viewers.

This has created an entirely new genre of media.  The livestreams are viewable by anyone, they are replayable after the stream has ended, and the audience can directly interact with the streamer.  Because of this direct interaction, many streamers have created “inside jokes” with their viewers.  More often than not, these “jokes” will expand to other streamers, and sometimes eventually be a well known “joke” throughout the entire Twitch viewing community.  Some will even expand to outside of Twitch, and become a part of the video game community in general.  


2 thoughts on “Twitch”

  1. I agree with you in the aspect that video game streaming has created a whole new genre of media. however we can also see that within the gaming community has become a niche community as well as becoming a homogeneous community in where the the so called jokes are within each channel but also are relevant in other video gaming channels.


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