Are We Returning To The Olden Days?


Everyone from Kim K to Jessica Alba is buzzing about waist trainers, they are so in right now! What is a waist trainer, you ask? Sounds like something that is suppose to help you, right? The correct answer is wrong.Waist trainers are basically a corset you wear for hours at a time that cinches in your waist to over time decrease the size of your waist. It sounds a lot like back in the olden days when women were forced to wear corsets that were cinched so tight that they’re internal organs were shifted into different positions. Why are people doing this to their bodies?


Social media and this unrealistic idea society has of what is beautiful is forcing already very beautiful women to squeeze themselves inside these torture chambers to internally harm themselves. It is very sad and upsetting that this is what our society promotes and praises. I think it is time to instead of try and change the natural form of our bodies and start to realize our own beauty that we already have.


4 thoughts on “Are We Returning To The Olden Days?”

  1. I also think it is sad how women are putting their health at risk in order to fit certain beauty standards. There also have been a lot of movements so that women can learn to love their bodies but there has also been an increase in body standards for women. Plastic Surgery has also become a new trend. 15.6 million people had some form of plastic surgery in 2014 in the US.


  2. I think this is a very interesting topic. Many individuals, especially young girls, look to social media for “body inspiration,” or what they would ideally like to look like. The waist trainer is feeding into the notion that girls need to have slender, skinny bodies in order to fit into the “norm.” It especially does not help that the Kardashians and other celebrities are advertising this product. They have a lot of control over trends in today’s society due to the immense media frenzy around them. If celebrities are paid to advertise a product, that item will receive a lot of attention from the public and could possibly become a trend, as the waist trainers have become. An important question that should be addressed is, “why are individuals so obsessed with celebrities, especially the Kardashians?” It is scary to think they are advertising a product that can in fact physically harm someone, and also putting idiotic ideas of what is deemed “normal” into people’s heads. If they were to promote that all body types are beautiful, the psyche of many individuals would probably grow to be positive and healthy. I think you make some good points in your post, addressing the fact that we seem to be going back in time to when corsets were the social norm. Clearly, we are not shedding a positive light on the issue of body image.


  3. While I do agree with your post on the topic, and the comments posted as well, I think it’s important to realize that pushing women into a mold is not a new thing. Yes, it’s become more widespread with social media and families like the Kardashians thrust into the spotlight, but the ideal woman isn’t a new idea. For thousands of years women around the world have been pressured into beauty standards. Because this is not a new idea by any means, its becomes important for us to realize that this is a problem deeply ingrained in our society, and its going to take a lot to change that.


  4. I agree with kyrahjohnson. I think that when looking at social media and the trends that are being followed to achieved the current ideal form of beauty, it is important to understand the context of how our society has gotten there. Changing the body to have the right curves in the right places, or the right gaps, or the right height is not something new or going back to the times before. This is a result of a society that still perceives a women’s body as open ground for change, for criticism and control. It is disappointing to admit that celebrities will advertise what we can change, in an unhealthy manner, of our bodies, but the Kardashians a large reflection of the what current society is learning or understanding as truth. It will take a long time to change that and many celebrities are working on upholding the beauty in the ways our bodies are naturally formed, whether that is in shape, size, or skin color.


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