Barbies In All Shapes And Sizes

Body image issues have been at the forefront of our society for a very long time. Many companies have begun to change their ad campaigns, models and overall purpose behind their brands in order to support destroying these body image standards. Mattel, the maker of Barbies, has just released their brand new line of the dolls. This new line of Barbie’s has all new shapes: tall, petite and curvy. It was created to be better representations of what young girls, who play with the dolls, see around them in their everyday life. This is a huge movement that will change the reputation of Barbies forever.

They have been criticized for a long time for having very unrealistic body types and dolls that do not fully represent the diversity in the population in the world. They heard what society was telling them and saw a place where they could be apart of the movement and help let young girls and boys know everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. As we grow up we look to our surrounding world for inspiration, support and validation. The idea that not every Barbie is exactly is the same allows young children to have acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.


See All the New Barbies From Curvy to Tall and Petite

3 thoughts on “Barbies In All Shapes And Sizes”

  1. Wow, this is great. I wasn’t aware that Mattel was doing this, but I think is a great way to show younger girls that all shapes and sizes are beautiful. It isn’t advertised much that all sizes are beautiful but show what size society wants you to have, making them think that it is the only appealing size.


  2. Wow, that’s awesome that Mattel is doing that. One thing I’d like to point out is that although making barbies of all sizes is important, I believe it is equally important that barbies of different races are made too. From the picture you can tell that Mattel has already also thought of that. I watched this documentary once on CNN called “Who Is Black In America” and one of the African American women being interviewed said that she refuses to buy her daughter a white barbie because that’s not what she looks like and she doesn’t want to get the idea that it’s “prettier” to be white or not as pretty to be black. I thought this was really interesting because it made me think about all types of dolls, not just barbies, that aren’t racially diverse. Should toy makers like Mattel focus on the beauty of different body sizes and different races? This also led me to think about Disney princesses and how they all have a really skinny body type. Disney went in the right direction when they made The Princess and The Frog which was FINALLY about a black princess. Maybe their next step is to also include princesses and other characters with all different body types as well as other races that aren’t just skinny and white. I think this is a really interesting topic to discuss; it would also be interesting to compare our toys in America to toys in other parts of the world to see what the differences are.


  3. I really like your idea and content of your post. It is very important for the Mattel Barbie line to promote healthy and realistic lifestyle. In America and other parts of the world having blond hair, fair complexion, and skinny body is considered beauty standard. There are so many people who do not fit into that beauty standard stereotypes, but that does not mean they are not beautiful or worthy. I believe that the Mattel new barbie line is beneficial because it is a way of increasing people’s self-esteem and help them embrace their body type, hair texture, and complexion. This new creation of Barbie line hopefully improves the conception of beauty around the world. Love your post!

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