Being Politically Correct

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Idea of being politically correct has more and more of a negative connotation ever since the beginning of primaries. Donald Trump and other Republican candidates have suggested throwing political correctness out the window and focusing on important issues. That they don’t have time to be politically correct (1). or that political correctness won’t help with the current problems America is dealing with. 68% of people out of a study of 1,000 thought that “political correctness is a big problem,” (2). Being politically correct is associated with politicians and politicians now also have a negative connotation. Politicians nowadays are associated with lying and being greedy. So anything related to politicians have a negative connotation. This is probably one of the reasons why Donald Trump tries to distance himself from other Republican candidates. Slowly, people are becoming less and less concerned with political correctness. This brings into light the racism embedded in American culture and society.

Losing political correctness means people become more open with racist remarks and perpetuating the idea that it is okay to say racist things, at least in context with Donald Trump. While these remarks are not acceptable, they help address that the issue of racism, particularly when it comes to terrorism and other sensitive issues within the United States. This got me wondering about what kind of affect that this outburst of disregard for political correctness has on minorities affected by those remarks. The affects of Donald Trump and losing political correctness are building up within American society. Donald Trump bolsters his supports to say and do things that would not be politically correct such as violent acts. This led to riots and fights breaking out at some of his rallies. Many of the protesters at the rallies received shouts of racist statements and even some supporters who are minorities get hateful comments directed towards them. And slowly incidences like those pop up in social media. The video range from someone yelling at a woman for not speaking English to a person yelling at two people because she assumed they were Muslim (they were actually Brazilian). And this has started to become evident in politics too. Just recently the governor of North Carolina signed a bill that excludes the LGBT community from nondiscrimination rights which I believe would not have passed before the intense questioning of political correctness.While losing political correctness has led to attacks against minorities, it also leads to a proper discussion about racism within this nation.



One thought on “Being Politically Correct”

  1. I think that those who feel as though being politically correct is a waste of time are the same people who fear that changing their broom over to a vacuum will result in a less clean floor. The broom is safe, easily understood, and how clean your floor is a result of one’s own physical labor. Where as the vacuum is this mysterious suction thing that you can’t control nor do you immediately understand. And yet while you cling to your broom others keep moving forward with their vacuums. Its ridiculous to not appreciate the advancements in society. Our world experienced a hostile takeover and everything rather than originally being understood was labeled exotic and foreign, only to be appreciated when convenient. Now that we’re realizing that just because you’re not white doesn’t mean you’re exotic. People are getting nervous, their ideas are being threatened. Change is happening. Humans do not like change. A once very focused spot light is now being shared across a variety of problems, that each individual may not be able to relate to based on their: socioeconomic status, their race, ethnicity, their beliefs. So when Trump declares that rather than being politically correct, we need to focus on important issues. I take that as him trying to refocus the spot light on the white community and only the white community. Because he understands those issues, because he doesn’t have to step outside of his comfort level to address those issues. Because those issues apply to him.
    Being politically correct is giving voice to those who have for so long been pushed out of the spot light. It is showing that you care about their issues, even though they may not apply to you.


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