Don’t Mind If I Do

A simple and sometimes subtle way to improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence is to wear makeup.  Many people, myself included, wear makeup every day.  I have been asked scores of times why I wear makeup, and I am sure many other people have been asked that same question as well.  Whenever someone asks why I wear makeup, they almost always add another comment, like: “You look so much better without makeup” or “Who are you trying to impress?”

I am “trying to impress” myself.  People wear makeup because they want to wear makeup.  It is exactly the same reason people choose to wear jeans or a hat: because they want to, and it makes them feel better about themselves.  They do not wear makeup “to get guys” or “to fit in.”  Personally, I feel a lot better on days that I wear makeup.  I feel much more confident in myself, and I am sure other people feel the same way.

It is certainly acceptable to have an opinion about makeup, and maybe some people do look better without it.  What is not okay, is making someone feel self-conscious about their face.  Makeup is just like clothing, shoes, and hair dye; we use if to bolster our self-esteem.  Nobody asks you why you don’t wear makeup, so why would you ask someone why they do?


4 thoughts on “Don’t Mind If I Do”

  1. I agree with you, and I believed many girl including me share the reasons of why we wear makeup you described above. Wearing makeup has been a controversial topic now a day. The social norms created an image on girl that their looks including outfits is purposely put together under some motives. And majority people assume female wear makeup to impress others, but they forget that is a form of practice called-Choosing. It is every individual’s freedom to choose what to do with their body, the public shouldn’t judge or step in unless it is a harmful situation for others. Although, there are many girls who wear makeup because their self-esteem was affected by the social media, and the modern definition of what is pretty. A song called “TRY” by Colbie Caillat was released in 2014 trying to present one of the current issues and encourage females that they don’t need to live under the social standard of beauty.

    In my personal experience, I am just too lazy to wear makeup. I remember one of my friends said “You look pretty but I still prefer you without the makeup.” It was the first time he saw me with makeup.At that time, I wish I said, ” Thanks for your feedback, but I like myself with and without makeup. So don’t mind if I do wear makeup.” Some of these voluntary feedbacks didn’t sound totally negative, however they all carry a not-so positive hidden message/stereotype whether it was done intentionally or not.


  2. I agree with what you wrote. I personally do not wear a lot of make-up, but on the days that I do I feel much better about myself and feel confident. In today’s society people tell you to be confident without make-up and not to try to impress people. But like you were saying, I’m not trying to impress people, but if I do, awesome. They say to be confident in yourself no matter what you look like and all that, but if I feel better wearing make-up then I’m going to because it helps me feel better about myself.


  3. Like everyone else above, I agree with what you’ve written. We live in a society that puts a lot of pressure on females to always look their best, and puts them down when they don’t. I personally wear makeup for myself alone, and no one else. It’s something that I enjoy doing, and makes me feel better about myself. However, I’ve also experienced the ‘you look better without makeup’ comments quite a bit. What a lot of people don’t realize, though is that on the days I’m not wearing a full face I’m still wearing some kind of makeup, so I’m actually not completely ‘natural.’ On the occasions that I wear absolutely no makeup at all, I sometimes get comments like ‘are you okay, you look sick’ or ‘did you sleep last night, you look so tired,’ which makes me crazy. I’m told I look better natural, but when I actually wear no makeup at all I look tired and sick. How am I supposed to win?? This pressure put on women in our society today makes it just about impossible to fell good about yourself.


  4. I think that this is a really important conversation to have. Like you said, people may have many different reasons for wearing makeup but really the only important thing is that they are comfortable with who they are. Just like you said, I can definitely relate to people asking why I’m wearing makeup or that I don’t need it to pretty and while I might see how they believe that that sort of thinking is constructive, it is also important for me as the makeup wearer to be able to make whatever sort of choices I want and not feel as though it has to fulfill someone else’s idea of what looks good to them.


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