First biracial Japanese Miss Universe

Miyamoto Ariana who is half African American and Japanese was chosen as the Japanese representative of The Miss Universe. She was the first Japanese miss universe to be biracial and there are many Japanese people saying that she is not suitable for being representative of Japanese women. It became a problem because the definition of beauty is different by country and Miyamoto Ariana did not fit into the typical definition of Japanese beauty. Many people in Japan think that to be chosen as miss universe, she’s parent should both be Japanese.

As a result of long history of Japan’s national isolation, Japanese people have the tendency of having peculiar identity towards their own culture and society and does not want any foreigners involved in it. In island country Japan, many people believe about the purity of the race of Japanese people. However in reality the people of Japan is formed from immigrants from other Asian countries such as Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

The reason why Miyamoto Ariana decided to apply for miss universe is that she wanted to change Japanese discrimination and bias against biracial people. I believe that Miyamoto Arian being The Miss Universe, Japan will become more globally aware.  miss_universe_japan-0y0g6uc91jl76y9bwj2_t620


One thought on “First biracial Japanese Miss Universe”

  1. Tamaki, I found your topic very interesting in terms of cultural aspects in the class. Biracial awareness is something that the world has struggled with, and only now has come up as a very important factor of identity. We have national borders, true, but to what limits do those borders confirm personal identity? It’s a tricky balancing rope, and some people just don’t acknowledge the fact that someone with a mixed identity will be able to pull popularity. What Miyamoto did was very brave, and even though it stirred a controversy for her image, she still is proud to be where she is from.


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