Gender: What are we focusing on?


(In this topic, I will be using the pronoun “they” as neutral in order to refer to trans folks on general).

As the topics of LGBTQ+ rights and trans matters become more prominent in media and policy as well. However, much of the rhetoric that comes along with trans issues especially are the concept itself, which is whether a person should be seen as valid of they identify as trans, not just in the United States, but all over the world. I think this is reflective of the culture that surrounds how we perceive and continue to believe in the rigid gender norms and roles that bind our society. If we begin to question the what gender means for this society, then we can transcend into the reality that many trans and non gender conforming folks face in their society, beyond the validity of simply being.

An article in Everyday Feminism names the difficulties encountered by trans and non gender conforming folks in their everyday lives. Because of the heavy stigma associated with LGB and Trans, many of these topics are not talked about, thus many resources are not provided for multiple parties involved.

These topics can include the transitions and resources needed during marriage, shame of sexual orientation associated with trans folks, detaching themselves from their “assumed” form of existing, the pressure to always know and understand their identity, shame for necessary sex work in order to survive, and mental illness. These are concepts that we leave unspoken in these communities, derive from what perceptions and assumptions we continue to apply to men, women and variations thereof.

Many LGB and Trans folks are issued to exist within the internalized spaces we supposedly “give”, however, the culture needs to move beyond that to first understand the experiences of what it means to exist within oppressive environments beyond being perceived as different. Being perceived as different in this context means there is internalized prejudice in the workplace, in marriages, in learning institutions, in healthcare institutions, just to name a few spaces.


Author: keylymartinez

I love myself, that is radical to the systems that oppress me.

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