“I’m so fat”

Recently I was with some friends over spring break. During this time we were somewhere warm and we were constantly in bathing suits and/or the least amount of clothing as possible. Also during this week, we were treating ourselves to a good amount of food and large portions at every meal. Now, the friends I was with are very athletic, healthy and overall in good shape. Over the course of the week we began to realize that we were eating an enormous amount of food and that we should start to watch how much we’re eating. At least that’s how I was looking at it. I began planning my diet….for when we returned home. Others would proclaim how they were so fat and showed people their new found “rolls”.



What I found most shocking was that the people proclaiming to be fat and have these huge stomach rolls were most often the skinniest people. One of my thinner friends made a comment about her eating habits and disgusting new stomach every day. Personally, I know that I am not a heavy person, I eat pretty healthy, and I like what I look like, but during the course of this week I became more and more self-conscious. Seeing my skinniest friend complain about being “fat” started to mess with my head. She thought she was fat, but she was not even close to being my size. So did that make me fat?



In today’s society, girls and boys are obsessed with self-image. Some to a point of making themselves sick, over exercising, or just stopping eating all together. After being with my friends, I began to wonder if most of this self-image struggle is caused by close friends and not completely a mental illness. After the week away, I truly thought that I might be overweight. Someone who had heard her could have taken what my friend was saying to heart. Seeing someone very skinny say that they are fat can mess with your thoughts and judgments of yourself.


Be careful what you say, you never know how serious someone will take it.


One thought on ““I’m so fat””

  1. I also have found this interesting how friends are always joking with each other about being fat. It helps me to realize just how much people put pressure on themselves for being skinny and looking perfect even though perfection is unrealistic. We see others and we compare ourselves to them in order to make sense of what our appearance is supposed to be. constantly obsessing over whether you are fat or skinny can lead to exactly what you have described in your blog post which I totally agree with and find very insightful.

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