Lahore bombing: Can religions cohabit?

70 people are dead, around 300 others injured and hospitals are overloaded in Lahore, Pakistan. This is the bulletin of the terrorist attack targeted on Christians while they are celebrating Easter. It is a horrific act, not only in the act itself but also in the repercussions it might have. Pakistan is a largely Muslim country, this attack might prove its failure in protecting minorities. While some might argue that the attack was a work of small percentage of the majority (that I believe it is true), others might suggest that all Muslims are terrorists and the Lahore attack is one of the many to prove their point. What would then happen to the Muslim minorities living in mainly non-Muslim communities?

Religions are not known for great cohabitation. Throughout history, the world observed some abominable wars leading to unforgivable atrocities: the crusades, jihads, holocaust, wars against the Kurds, and so on. With that being said, however, the world still goes on and it seems that we are slowly learning, recovering from it as time goes by. New ideologies are in play, we are developing a sense of great understanding as humanity is striving for basic and common rights for all. Now we understand that religion is a choice and a right, belonging to one religious affiliation should not harm other people. Is there a time when we understand that some people act for their interests and more than often, it is a religion that is blamed? Maybe that day will come and we will stop trying to monitor a religious group’s activities. With the more and more globalized world, would religions find a place where they can coexist peacefully?



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