Mother leaves 6-year-old child in burning building

What would you do if a house was on fire? The logical thing to do is run, right? What about if your family was in the burning house, would you rush in to save them? Or call and wait for the firefighters to do the job? Well, this lady – Erica Rosello, age 32, did nothing to save her 6-year-old daughter, but instead, she flagged down a car and asked the driver to drive her to a friends house; how heartless is that?

The fire happened when Rosello tried to put out the oil fire in the kitchen. According to other sources, Rosello tried to reconnect with her daughter when the fire happened, and this source said she did not try at all, leaving her daughter to die in the house. Firefighters had to break through a window to rescue the unconscious little girl and is thankfully making a full recovery. Rosello was arrested for child abuse. Ms. Tabio (Rosello’s mother) told the news that Rosello loves her daughter but suffered from postpartum depression. In my opinion, that does not change the fact that Rosello left her daughter to die and not call for help, assuming that her daughter would die in the fire. Rosello is a heartless person, I know that fear gets the best of you in these situations, but that is no reason to just give up on saving your child.


2 thoughts on “Mother leaves 6-year-old child in burning building”

  1. I think this is a great example of expectations forced upon people, and more specifically parents. We as a society expect ourselves to overcome natural instinct (fight or flee) and think, think about our families, think about our responsibilities, etc. However, when a bear sees her own chances of survival are threatened she would choose her own life over her cubs. I know this is not the best example, I know that unlike the bear people have institutions set into place if they find it difficult to raise their children. But this woman, although I’m not very aware of how serious the fire was felt her own life was threatened and escaped the situation. Yes I agree I don’t think she’s capable of taking care of a child, nor should she be granted the opportunity to through these actions. In times of stress, people don’t always perform well. If you think back to the Titanic people sat rowing away from a boat their family members were dying on… We don’t always perform well under stress, and some people react poorer than others but that doesn’t mean they had any worse intent. Maybe she had wished her child had died in the fire though, as unimaginable as that is it is a possibility. Because although society demands that you love your family. In reality you’re not required to. This women may want to rid herself of what she considers a burden but too embarrassed to do it any other way, because a mother not loving their child is looked upon as a completely heartless action. (Even though when a father does so, its not the same reaction.) Maybe she had loved her child but as listed her depression was so deep that she had felt as though it would be a noble sacrifice to not have her child experience the same misery. Mental illness can change a person completely, I think it is really important to rather than label an individual for one mistake (or maybe it was on purpose) uncover their actual intent.


  2. OMG! This is so sad! I can’t believe Rosello didn’t do anything to save her daughter. What kind of love is that? As a mother, she should keep in mind that as human beings, we need other people that we can rely on for every aspects of our lives We are conceived to depend on others to survive and to teach us what we need to know. That’s why we also need to live in social arrangemnets. But she failed go see that for her daughter. She didn’t do things that a mother should do. Instead, she just basically left her to die. The little girl had not receive any exchange of love from her mother. Love and attention to a child is so important. As a little kid, you try to look up to someone who can give you what you need because they see themselves ‘through the eyes of other’–as they think they are seen..In this way the create a self image of them. I’m just glad that Rosello was also arrested for child abuse. I just hope that the little girl will be able to live in a different family that will give her love and care for her and hopefully to come out as a successfully independent women in the future.


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