Nerds V.S Bullies

aTeKLqaT4.jpegIf you compare bullying now to bullying ten years ago, its incredibly different. With all these new outlets for bullying and staying anonymous, bullying has evolved from in person, verbal and physical abuse to internet flaming.

Ten years ago, bullying would often happen on the playground or in the hallways, face to face. There would be the standard bigger kid on the playground or the school jock able to get away with everything and the weaker in comparison victim. The bully would physically or verbally hard the victim while the adults were absent. Now, bullying has become a trigger word and has become overused. No one wants to address bullying because its so hard to without being put into the spotlight and being judged for every action you.

Bullying can happen through a variety of was now. such as texting, IM, facebook, and many more. It can happen very fast and anonymously. Bullying is now addressed mostly as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is more difficult to address because of how unclear things can be. Before one would know who was the victim and who was the bully but now people stay hidden and its difficult to regulate things because people can create new accounts and things can start all over again.


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Author: Mr.Bubble

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4 thoughts on “Nerds V.S Bullies”

  1. Bullying has now become an epidemic. Even with parents and teachers informing children of the bullying. Cyber bulling is something that can happen to anyone. Back in the day people assumed that the only people that could get bullied were the nerds. The so called A + students, who wore glasses. Unfortunately we are in a generation that grown with technology. We are messengers and Facebook’s, etc. Which is very indict and hard because messages can be interpreted in different ways. As in before it was a more physical and verbal approach. One thing I would recommend is that we would be thought in elementary school the dangers of words, and the consequences. For me I always heard of bullying, but until I actually saw it and had seen videos I didn’t believe it.


  2. I agree bullying has taken on a whole new meaning. With the advancements in the technology lately, like improvements if the computer and all the new ways to get in touch with people, cyber bullying has become much easier, not that it is a good thing. It seems as though bullying has become more prominent since the start of cyber bullying. The only thing is that cyber bullying can be very anonymous. One person could be bullied on the internet and try to figure out who it is o they could out an end to it but they may never be able to figure out who it is. The way that people are able to post anonymously all over the internet is very scary because it could cause real problems for people. I also agree that bullying can be a tough subject to talk about because if you were to say one thing wrong about it people could take offense from it or people could judge you for what you have to say about it.


  3. I agree with what you said about bullying changing over time. Personally I was bullied in middle school and high school. The bullying in middle school was this “cyberbullying” over a social media site “Formspring”. People could leave comments about you with no backlash because it was all anonymous. I think that is one of the reasons cyberbullying is sadly popular because you are protected by a screen and you can’t get in trouble. On the other hand, physical bullying is more noticeable and people get in trouble for it. It is sad how mean people are being solely because they are protected by a computer or phone.


  4. Bullying has always been an ongoing issue in schools. There is bullying many other places, but this is the most talk about setting. When I was in middle school, I was bullied a lot, including on social media. However, it was not as often online as it was in person. It seems that nowaday many people are sticking to hiding behind screens to hold their anonymity. It is very unfortunate that this is the case today. Being able to hide who they are, the bully is able to say worse things without having to worry about the backlash that existed when they were not behind the screen.


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