No More Question Mark (?)

Most ‘young’ people who text and use social media these days are most likely guilty of not always inserting a question mark where one belongs. Texting language and rhetorical locutions are always evolving and changing as the years progress. In most cases these shifts are centered around the young adult demographic. Having observed the way my peers and myself make use of the question mark makes me wonder whether or not the question mark is always needed.

Texting in general has brought the written language into a new place where prior to technology of this sort did not exist. That new place being a lack of use of correct grammar and punctuation found within text messages. So is the question mark being dropped because people have become ‘lazy’, or because it’s not needed as much/is reflecting the current speech pattern. We are aware of vocal fry and upspeak, and how that has manifested itself into contemporary talk. Both of these mannerisms– especially upspeaking, have the tendency to turn everything into a shaky, unsure question. Could it be that as a generation, we are becoming more passive and refrain from asking questions? Thus allowing us to not feel or look bad when we are wrong.


One thought on “No More Question Mark (?)”

  1. I am to blame for this as well, but the way i see it is that language is a living thing, that undergoes changes, even if it is grammatically incorrect. It is only a matter of time until whole educational books start standardizing slangs and acronyms.


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