Not Just A Team

EPSON DSC picture


Major League Soccer, the professional soccer league in the states, has progressively grow more popular over the years. There have new teams established in the last few years. International soccer stars have moved from the other big leagues in the world to the MLS. The fan base of the MLS has grown largely. You could say that the MLS is laying the ground work for a big future. That being said, the MLS is nothing compared to the popularity of the Italian leagues and the English leagues.

The main Italian league, Serie A, and the main English league, The Premier League, both have major history behind them with many legends coming through the leagues. The difference between soccer in the States and soccer in Italia or England is that soccer in Italia and England is a lifestyle. The support for the team in these countries is like nothing you have ever seen before. Soccer is such a lifestyle in Italia that there will be massive fights in the stadium. In one particular stadium in Italy they leave a section blocked off in between the two different teams’ supporters so that there will be no conflict. The problem is that the fans in these care so much about their beloved team that they will fight for them. The section they block off turns into a war zone where the fans fight for their sacred team.

A major difference between soccer in the States and soccer in Europe is that in Europe soccer is their number 1 sport. They don’t have football, basketball, or baseball. Their lives revolve around soccer (football to them). They bleed their teams’ colors and take a loss very difficultly.  The teams over there bring these people together and bring them to song at their matches.To them it is not just a team, it is an obsession.


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