Segregation in Education

Segregation within US schools has risen over the past decades. It has reached the point where the diversity within most public schools today mimics the diversity of most public schools in 1968. New York has one of the most segregated public education systems in America even though it is one of the most diverse places in the United States. It begs the question of why has the schooling system reverted back to the 1960’s in terms of segregation of public school students. A video on YouTube called “U.S. Schools Still Segregated” looks into the root of the problem and focuses on systematic racism.

The video first addresses the Black Lives Matter Movement and how it brings to light the institutional racism that is present today. This leads to the topic of segregation within schools. The video addresses the different reasons why segregation is still present in US schools. One reason that peaked my interest was the redistricting of schools in order to maintain segregated boundaries. I have never really thought about how much districts played a role in the public education system. I went to school in New York City, and what district I lived in or went to school prior was needed when applying to different high schools. The high school that I went to where district played a huge role in which students were admitted. Not many people outside the district got in and it was less likely for someone to get in who was not from that district than someone who belonged to the school’s district. I didn’t live in that district but I went to school within that district before. If I didn’t go to school within that district then I probably would not have gotten into my high school. Something that seemed so minuscule to me determines the likelihood of whether or not I would get into a school. Also, the school was predominately white, as was the area/district so there wasn’t much opportunity for diversity. I think getting rid o f this system of district identification when selecting students would be a step into desegregating schools.




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