Sex Work and the Internet: Rise of the Cam Girls

The sex industry is something society shames regularly yet it’s population couldn’t live without.

Whether that be in the form of prostitution, pornography through films, magazines, comics, or any other position where one party is selling sex and the other is purchasing it through their own expense. However, the government has decided to attempt to regulate the sex market filtering how and when we can sell our own bodies. Even though we have already established sex as any other product in this capital driven world. And yet whether it be through laws and regulations, or establishing any sort of sex work as “shadier” than other forms of business sex seems to be different from other items for sale. Threatening the population with consequences for doing  what they want with their own bodies.

Through the power of the internet, and the addition of cameras a new occupation has arose: the cam girl. Those who don’t physically meet with their clients, but also establish a deeper connection than that of the average joe watching their favorite actress jerk some guy off. It eliminates the fear accompanied by a deal gone wrong, by not allowing physical interaction. And helps for those on cam to establish their limits with those who are watching them, without feeling pressured with threats toward their well being.

Yet as all sex workers do, cam girls face future discrimination if they want to enter another type of industry. For the work they had done prior is looked upon as indecent, or not as serious as other occupations. And thus many decide to exclude such a thing from their resume. While their line of work actually encourages key skills to be developed, whether that be people skills or time management.

Cam girls are of another breed, entertaining in the privacy of their own home. Performing actions often for not only one set of eyes but for many. Pleasing an audience rather than purely an individual. And yet technically just as any other form of prostitution they are selling their bodies, a commercialized form of sexual interaction. But where is the real harm.

All parties seem to be enjoying themselves of their free will, since the federal government does little to nothing to control this sort of transaction the states are left to deal with it.

Nevada is one state that is working to promote the usage of brothels, and ‘street vendors’ or sex workers who simply work alongside the road are still outlawed. But cam girls are at little to no risk as any man or woman in a brothel. It is arguably one of the safest businesses to be run.

The mindset of any sex worker is debatable, whether they choose to detach themselves from their work or find pleasure in the satisfaction of their customers. The cam girl, finds refuge in the comfort of her peers most commonly that of fellow cam girls. Sharing stories that otherwise would be taboo in the regular sphere of society.

But why should it be taboo? Why should the cam girl be ashamed of the entertainment she brings others? The internet’s allowing us to expand our methods of communication, lets broaden our minds as well. And stop the shaming toward the sex industry.



One thought on “Sex Work and the Internet: Rise of the Cam Girls”

  1. I totally agree with you that cam girls should not be shamed. Sex is something that everyone does. We all have bodies and we all have needs. Where I disagree with you is the level of safety in a job like this. While it is safer than direct contact, there are still loads of people who can somehow get a girls address just from her IP or some strange hacker thing. All I’m saying is to be safe.


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