Slack, a new way to Business

The business world is sometimes characterized by its inability to communicate efficiently. This problem often comes from its approach from trying to communicate efficiently though emails can often lead to misunderstandings. Email by Dr. Leah Reich argues that email represents an older generation of workers and an outmoded way of communicating. Email often times input formalities that are inefficient and cause people to unable to share ideals easily.

The way that people communicate has been changing into a culture of instant messaging through many different types of applications such as Facebook Messenger, Google Chat, WhatsApp and many other applications. What Slack brings to the table from these other messaging applications allows people to be added into teams where some chats are meant for some teams and some for others. Channels for dedicated groups and different topics can be made. This application though revolutionary in the Business world is nothing new to the world of gaming. Gaming messaging applications have allowed similar chat programs in to coordinate though many challenges. One application that would be considered similar would be Discord where similarly people can create their own groups and invite people to the chat group with their own topic. In the chat people can also use emojis and view novelty channels as well.

Slack has allowed for the adaptation of new technologies making the way to communicate faster and more cohesive.


One thought on “Slack, a new way to Business”

  1. Stanley, you post a few interesting points that I really liked. Slack is just like the innovating and changing world that we live in. This new application reflects on the new culture that awaits us. We also evolve, and the article is an example of a component of the changing world. Not only does it bring professionalism into the workplace, but it allows to connect through globalization. It’s interesting to see companies use ideas to build upon their own to make their product more appealing to the general public. But again, this is apart of the world that we live in today.


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